Lichang is committed to explore more and more applications Bopp synthetic paper and to realize its potential. 

Lichang synthetic paper surprises people by its applications in some special fields. For example, lint roller, TPU liner, horticultural label, flower wrapping, LED reflective film, wet tissue cover, car sticker and so on. The most outstanding advantages of using BOPP to replace other type of plastic films are its high yield which is more cost-effective.
With profound film expertise, an extensive product portfolio and skillful technical services, Lichang has confidence to deliver finest solutions to various sectors.



Download data sheets (common specifications)
Product Thickness um Weight g/m2 Appearance Download TDS
 SP- PX 35 26.3
 Glossy on both sides

70 52.5
80 60.0
SP- MX 55 42.9  Glossy/ matt   
60 45.0
SP- MUR 80 73.6 Glossy/ matt   
100 97.0
SP- PB 60 42.0  Glossy on both sides  
70 49.0
SP- MN 119 36.0  Glossy/ matt  
SP- MG 67 26.2  Glossy/ matt