In-mold labeling is applied everywhere and optimizes ours life step by step by step.

Lichang IML films are produced by five-layer co-extrusion. The label is perfectly integrated with the injection mold which is impossible to be departed or peeled off. It can be fully recycled as there is no any use of adhesive glue. Lichang IML appearance includes high gloss allowing graphic to shine, orange peel and no label look. Yogurt, butter cantainers, cookie jar as well as paint bucket etc., are all candidates for this versatile labeling solution.

IML  Injection 

IML injection means that the decoration of the product takes place in the mold. A pre-printed label is first inserted into the mold and fixed in place through application of vacuum or static electricity charge. Then during the manufacturing processa certain amount of heated liquid molten polymer is injected under high pressure into a mold and fuses with the label. At the end, we get a decorated packaging in one step.
Why choose Lichang IML film?
. Stable anti-static property
. Superior printability, suitable for UV offset, Conventional offset, UV/flexo, Gravure, HP indigo etc
. Dimensionally stable. No curling issue
. Good heat resistance

Download data sheets (common specifications)

Product Thickness um Weight g/m2 Appearance Finish Anti-static Download TDS
SP- MUP 70 60.2  
 Glossy/ matt
Glossy Y  
SP- MUP 60 51.6 Glossy Y  
SP- MULP 60 36.0 Orange peel Y  
SP-MDULP-5060 50 30.0  Matt on both sides Orange peel Y  
SP-MDULP-6060 60 36.0 Orange peel Y  
SP-MES 70 63.7  Glossy/ matt Glossy Y  
SP-ML 65 45.5 Orange peel Y