Pressure sensitive label is the most common used label in daily life. PP synthetic paper surface stock is gradually replacing normal paper.

Lichang synthetic paper is desighed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding label application. It is commonly used as face stock of pressure sensitive label and tailored for coating applications.

Pressure sensitive adhesive label structure

Lichang introduced a cost saving model to help coating customers to reduce costs under the increasingly competitive PSL market. The typical pressure sensitive label construction includes Top Coating, Facestock, Primer, Adhesive, Release Coating and Release Liner. With this model, customers could skip the primer process and achieve good bonding between top coating and film.

What could Lichang PSL film contributes more?
Lichang is the main supplier of PSL facestock in China for 17 years. Its technical strength and flexibility makes it an active partner to customers with the help on various innovation and improvement of existing materials.


Download data sheets (common specifications)
Product Thickness um Weight g/m2 Appearance Download TDS
SP- MY 60 45.0 Glossy/ matt  
108 74.5

Glossy on both sides
138 85.6  
168 104.2  
188 116.6  
48 38.4  
68 51.0  
80 54.4  
80 60.0  
88 66.0  
60 43.2 Glossy/ matt
75 54.0