High-quality labeling substrate can improve brand image and value, attract more customers and definitely increase the sales.

Lichang synthetic paper for Wrap-around Label is available in glossy appearance allowing your design to shine ,and extraordinary matt appearance delivering luxury image, It has been applied as labels materials by many world famous beverages and mineral water companies.

Labeling solution

Cut and stack labels are printed on roll-fed printing press which can print many sheets of labels. After printing, stacks of label sheets are die cut into desired shapes. Roll fed Labels are printed on roll-fed printing press and are also finished on rolls. 

Lichang offers Bopp film for cut and stack label as well as roll-fed label. Besides traditional solvent based ink, UV ink becomes highly sought after. Lichang’s wide product portfolio provides films for both type of ink with excellent ink bonding. Also the CoF is well controlled that allows smooth and high speed labeling.


Very good ink bonding and perfect for highly efficient printing.


Can be laminated with clear OPP or matt OPP delivering various appearances.


Lichang synthetic paper allows high speed labeling.

Download data sheets (common specifications)

Product Thickness um Weight g/m2 Appearance Download TDS
SP- MB 48 38.4 Glossy/ matt  
SP- PL 38 24.1 Glossy on both sides  
SP- PU 38 23.9