Direct thermal labels are cost effective as no ink or transfer ribbon is required which makes it comparatively cheap for end users.

Direct thermal label market has witnessed robust growth in food, beverages, retail, electronics and industrial sectors. Lichang Bopp synthetic paper is an excellent base for direct thermal coating, that is available in multiple grades, making it the perfect solution to different coating customers.

Direct thermal vs Thermal transfer

If direct thermal printing is better than thermal transfer printing becomes a fashionable topic in recent years. Direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon and the labels are more likely used as a short-term labeling solution. Thermal transfer printing contains a ink transfer process from ribbon onto labels. And it is typically used in long run at times when labels need to withstand some harsh environment.
Lichang has kept abreast with the market trend that has been the main supplier of film substrate to direct thermal coating companies. You could select either two sides glossy or one side glossy one side matt film. There are also different film recipe for various direct thermal coating formula.
Lichang also supplies to the thermal transfer market.


Available in both white opaque and transparent.


Both sides are treated to have superior anchorage to direct thermal coating and adhesive coating.


Lichang synthetic paper has good flatness, the coated film gives outstanding dynamic sensitivity and bar code imaging in extreme environment.

Download data sheets (common specifications)

Product Thickness um Weight g/m2 Appearance Download TDS

68 54.4  
 Glossy/ matt

80 60.0
90 67.5
100 75.0
  PF- P  70 63.7 Transparent, glossy on both sides   
80 72.8